Prindle Engineering, Inc. - Specializing in Geotechnical and Civil Engineering
Project Management

Project Management at Prindle Engineering, Inc. begins with an emphasis on creating a clear understanding of the problems to be solved and establishing definite design and performance requirements for proposed solutions.  The company works to ensure that assumptions used in analyses are compatible with actual operating and field performance conditions.

Mr. Prindle, PE, President/CEO of Prindle Engineering has over 35 years of engineering experience. This experience affords the company the expertise to:

  • advise on required technical specialties.
  • coordinate the work of technical specialists.
  • communicate between technical and non-technical individuals and among technical personnel from different disciplines.
  • evaluate complex cases to establish what technical specialties are required.
  • provide overall control and technical management of technical investigations.
  • provide a single point of contact.
  • assemble and lead qualified teams to develop new applications of existing or standard technologies and to develop new or advanced technologies to meet identified market demands.
  • provide consultation to ensure that clients understand the relationships among technical, legal, regulatory and business issues to assist in critical decision-making activities.
  • provide senior technical and project-management planning and direction and review on all projects.
  • guide technical staff with diverse capabilities in negotiations and other dealings with public agencies and private clients, and with regulators in numerous government agencies.
  • direct meetings with clients and regulators to plan work and resolve issues.
  • develop relationships and work with clients to understand their needs and to establish their functional and performance requirements.
  • develop and articulate project approaches.
  • provide financial evaluation of engineering alternatives. 

A list of projects may be made available upon request.

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