Prindle Engineering, Inc. - Specializing in Geotechnical and Civil Engineering
 Prindle Engineering, Inc. works with a broad spectrum of clients because of the company's extensive experience in a number of fields.  Current and past client categories include:

  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies
  • Homebuilders and Developers
  • Mining Companies
  • Refineries
  • Pueblos
  • Tribes
  • Bankers and Lenders
  • Homeowners
  • Landfill Owners and Builders
  • Engineering Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Nuclear Waste Companies
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • United States Army
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Department of Energy
  • New Mexico Department of Transportation
  • Los Alamos National Laboratories
  • Associations
  • States
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Towns

A more detailed project list can be made available upon request.

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